Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage in Commercial Kitchen

This picture shows some pretty severe fire damage in a fast food kitchen. All of the kitchen appliances are covered in soot and remnants from the fire. The ceiling is falling apart in most areas as well.

Before Fire Damage Restoration of Living Room

A fire broke out in this home due to the consequences of unattended candles burning. Use this as reminder to always double and triple check your candles before heading to bed.

After Fire Restoration of Living Room

This living room area is the point of the candle fires origin.

Before Fire Restoration

The front porch of a fire damaged commercial property before restoration was completed. 

After Fire Restoration

"Like it never even happened."

Commercial Fire restoration in progress

Window repair and restoration of historical significance

Commercial Fire restoration in progress

After a fire many things must be done to restore property. Often a fire is so damaging to property all of the drywall ,windows ,doors and floor coverings must be replaced. If you need fire damage emergency service or restoration call the PRO'S at SERVPRO of Whitemarsh/Cheltenham

Fire Restoration Underway

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration underway.

Ready for repair after major fire

A candle fire caused such extensive damage to property, All of the cosmetic finishes needed to be removed and replace. This is the end of demolition and the start of restoration.

Fire Damage to Rental Property

A candle left unattended caused over $200,000.00 in damage to our clients investment property. 

Before Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke damage can cause extensive damage to ones home or business.

Smoke damage can be hard to identify. Often the untrained eye can not notice smoke damage. If you suspect your home has been damaged by smoke call the professionals SERVPRO of Whitemarsh/Cheltenham. One of our experienced damage inspectors will come inspect and evaluate the extent of damage. Once the extent of damaged is understood we can explain to you the best course of action. 

After Smoke Damage Restoration

The affects of a dryer fire caused smoke damage to all finished surfaces of the home. Professional smoke damaged remediation and redecorating were needed to restore the families home. If you experience smoke damage call SERVPRO of Whitemarsh/Cheltenham for a honest evaluation of the damage.